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What We Do

Construction Litigation

Contract Disputes
Defects Delays 

Financial Mismanagement


Hurricane Damage
Water Damage 
Hail and Wind Damage
Mold Damage


Construction Contracts Review, Drafting & Revision

Wooden House

Construction Law

Representing property owners, contractors and businesses.

Building a house or making improvements is exciting!  Chances are you have dreamed of owning or building your own home for years, and after a lot of hard work and determination you make those dreams a reality.

But what happens if the home was built incorrectly?  You may have heard the phrase "defective construction," but the legal meaning eludes you.  Builders and subcontractors are required to conform with the Florida Building Code, permitting requirements, and other statutory requirements when working on a project.  Unfortunately not everyone follows the rules, and the results can be disastrous.  Fixing these problems is expensive, stressful, and sometimes dangerous. 

Mr. Keyes has represented individual homeowners, associations, and contractors with a multitude of construction issues.  If you are a homeowner or contractor facing a legal issue then give us a call.  Mr. Keyes wants to help!

Business Consultation

Civil Litigation

Let us show you the way.


Many types of cases fall under the umbrella of "Civil Litigation."  Whether you are fighting over a contract, someone owes you money, or your insurance claim has been denied, Mr. Keyes has the experience you need to help you achieve your goal. 

In many cases you don't even need to file a lawsuit.  Business or civil disputes can often be settled outside the courtroom.  But sometimes you have no choice but to put your foot down and let the other side know they're being unreasonable.  Mr. Keyes has assisted individuals and businesses with a variety of civil disputes in the areas of construction litigation, real estate litigation, business litigation, and personal injury.  

If you're not sure what your options are, then give us a call.  Mr. Keyes wants to help!

Construction Litigation
Let's fix this . . .

Trees in the direct impact of an EF-5 tornado are heavily damaged, causing further destruc

Property Insurance
Hurricane, Water, or Other

Property insurance is vital to your investment.  It should give you peace of mind knowing that your home or rental property is insured in case of a disaster.  At The Law Office of Terence Keyes, P.A. we have seen it all.  Sometimes the insurance company does a fantastic job and gets your claim paid promptly and fairly.   

However, every now and then, we see cases where the insurance company refused to cover your loss, or in some cases the coverage provided was miniscule compared to the actual amount of money you needed to repair the damage.   Sometimes there is a rhyme and reason for these situations, and other times it's simply a matter of the insurance company trying to save money. 

If you need help filing a claim or dealing with the insurance company then give us a call!  Mr. Keyes has experience with claims involving hurricane damage, hail, leaky pipes, mold, and other types of property damage.  Give us a call so we can help get you started!

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